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Thursday, 21 July 2016


In the past this has meant slow rounds of golf.  Our regular rounds with buddies on the weekend normally take around 4 hours to play.  In these rounds we give putts, drop balls on the side of the trees and not go back to the tee if they are lost.

Club Championship weekend is somewhat different - we spend more time on the greens and putt out everything.  We look for lost balls a little longer and we wait for the next person to hit, rather than playing ready golf. All these little things add time to the round, then it's finger pointing time when we get back to the club house after a slow round - which in the past has been in excess of 5 hours.

Let's try and speed up play this weekend, and play between 4 and 4 1/2 hours. As members we all know the greens, so don't start lining up putts from 4 different angles,  (we don't normally do it) putt continuously,  providing you're not on someones line. Hit provisional balls, be ready to hit at all times, don't wait for someone to hit, then go through your own routine.  Do the same on the greens. BE READY to play your next shot.

Always keep up with the group ahead of you.  

We will have Marshals on the course this weekend, and slow play WILL BE PENALIZED.


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